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Port 15 Utah

The Utah Trust Lands Administration and Quantum Development Group have partnered to develop Port 15 Utah about four miles west of downtown Cedar City. Port 15 Utah is a rail served industrial site of approximately 800 acres. It is envisioned as an intermodal business park connecting the railroad, trucking and air service industries in what will become a major hub for the production and distribution of goods in the western United States.

Port15 Utah is a business phenomenon that combines the best aspects of transportation, warehousing and manufacturing. it is a strategically-located 800-acre business park that has access to major freeway systems, Union Pacific rail service, state road systems, fiber optics, a fully-developed airport, and other important features that will allow a company to set up and do business faster than they can experience in any other location.

For an interactive map about Port 15 and to see what lots are available, please click here.

Site Information

  • Project property has a very gentle slope to the northwest.
  • The project does not have any large rock deposits or rock outcroppings.
  • The soils are easily compacted and will support large heavy structures.
  • Water table elevation will not impact construction.
  • The site is accessible by major wide city streets and highway.
  • No major populations, subdivisions, or homes within general area.
  • All major utilities available within Port 15 Utah.
  • New Rocky Mountain Power substation on property boundary.
  • No loss of travel time due to traffic.
  • Cedar City is supported by a proven highway services infrastructure.
  • Union Pacific railway line subdivides the Port15 property.
  • Access to all major western cities through state and federal highways.
  • Landfill within 10 miles of Port 15 Utah
  • Exceptional water quality from existing onsite wells.
  • No known environmental or air quality issues in Southern Utah.
  • Within 3 miles of Cedar City Regional Airport
  • Redundant fiber optics.