Can I have a cooking fire?
•Your fire must be small fire designed for cooking of food, e.g., confined to an area no larger than 30 inches in diameter and less than 300 square inches, with flame lengths no higher than 3 feet during the ignition phase and thereafter kept as a small smoldering fire. In the surrounding area, a minimum of 2 feet in all directions shall be free of combustible materials.
•The fire must be attended until completely extinguished.
•If the fire becomes a nuisance to your neighbors, as defined in section 25 of the city ordinances, you will be asked to extinguish the fire.
•In special circumstances such as a religious or group activities that require a bigger fire (roasting pigs, dutch-oven, etc) a permit shall be obtained from the fire department.
•If the fire results in an out-of-control-fire, the responsible party shall be charged for the suppression costs.
•The fire department therefore would recommend that all recreational cooking be done over a gas fired appliance to limit the possibility of a fire becoming a nuisance to your neighbors.

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