Swim Lessons Poster

General Swimming Lesson Rules

  • Children 6 months-3 years are eligible for the Parent/Child Classes.
  • All children three years and younger must wear three layers in the pool: swim diaper, plastic plant, and swimming suit. Plastic pant and diaper combination are available for $5.50 at the front desk.
  • All students must shower before joining the class.
  • Classes will be held in the Leisure Pool.
  • Registration does NOT include passes to the pool.
  • Parents are encouraged to stay and watch but must remain away from the pool's edge during class.
  • There are no discounts or make-up lessons for students who miss classes.
  • We accommodate students of all abilities and needs. Speak with the Swim Lessons Coordinator for more details.
  • Children and/or their parents are not to enter the water until the swim instructor gives permission.
  • If you have any questions, contact the Swim Lessons Coordinator.