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These histories are housed in the library’s special collections area and may not be removed from the library. Most are unbound and without citation but are derived from either autobiographical accounts or accounts from descendants. Women are listed under married name. The attached documents are only as good as the copies in the library’s collection. In a very few cases, library records contain additional information considered too large to scan. You may contact the library to inquire further. Hyperlinked documents are those believed to be outside of copyright restriction. Others are available at the Library.

NOTE: The Cedar City Public Library has taken reasonable steps to protect copyright. Histories that are hyperlinked are believed to have cleared copyright restrictions. Histories that are not hyperlinked are not known to have cleared copyright restrictions and, therefore, are available for inspection at the library but are not reproduced. Said restrictions are: Documents found to have been written prior to January 1, 1964 are presumed to have copyright protection for 28 years after authorship or after the death of the author (whichever comes first); documents written between January 1, 1964 and December 21, 1977 are assumed to have copyright protection for 95 years after authorship or after the death of the author (whichever comes first); documents written January 1, 1978 or after are assumed to have copyright protection for the life of the author plus 70 years. If you feel that copyright has been violated, please contact the Library Director immediately at 435-586-6661 x1001.
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Place/Event Histories Held at the Library

Cedar City, Utah – History
[Bands] by Rhoda Wood

Christmas in Union Fort, Utah 1861 by Unknown
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • [Dedication of the First Ward]
  • Miscellaneous and General Histories
  • The Saint Louis Saints by Alice Parker Isom
Daughters of Utah Pioneers, History – Museum
Enoch, Utah – History
  • A Brief History of Johnson’s Fort or Enoch, As It Is Known
  • A History of Johnson Fort
Escalante Valley: The Escalante Valley or The Desert by Rhoda M. Wood.
Hamilton’s Fort, Utah – History
Kane County, Utah – History (Kane County by Emma Seegmiller Higbee)
Lehman Caves National Monument by Unites States Department of Interior, National Park Service
Mexico, Exodus from (Exodus From Mexico prepared by Ann Gower Lunt; given by Etta Lunt)
Mountain Meadow Massacre (The Facts as I Heard Them of the Mountain Meadow Massacre by Unknown)
New Harmony, History (History of New Harmony by Melissa D. Hammond)
Panguitch, History
Paragonah, History (History of Early Settlement of Paragonah by Mrs. Nettie Lamoreaux Baldwin)
Pinto, Utah – History (Early Days in Pinto by Unknown)
Sevy, George Washington, Freighting Experiences of George Washington Sevy
Walker War (Final Battle) (The Story of the Final Battle of the Walker War, told to Rhoda Wood by D. S. Pendleton who was one of the company sent to bring back the stolen animals)
Washington Factory (Cotton) (A paper prepared from data gathered by David H. Morris)
Wood, George -- Cabin
Zion Cable and Sawmill

Photos and Artifacts
Library, Cedar City, Utah
Navajo Lake – Building Dam
Orderville, Utah – United Order Plat
Webster Flat Campground

Iron County Memories - Oral histories from Iron County Residents age 70 and Older

Urie, Roy Parry "Pug"

Military History Project