Brief Description of Content
(Not all Inclusive)

Chapter 1 Ordinances Repeal of existing ordinances, construction, publication, and penalty for violation.
Chapter 1a Governing Board Access, classification, procedures, and General Provisions.
Chapter 2 City Council, Admin, Seal Rules for Officers & Council, Oath of Office, Tax levy
Chapter 3 Mayor Obligations and Authoritative Powers
Chapter 4 City Recorder Appointment, Duties and Obligations
Chapter 5 City Treasurer Appointment, Duties and Obligations
Chapter 6 City Manager Appointment, Powers and Duties
Chapter 7 City Attorney Appointment, Duties and Obligations
Chapter 8 City Engineer Duties, Fees
Chapter 9 Police Department Appointment, Rules and Regulations, Arrests
Chapter 10 Airport Airport Board, Organization, Landing Fees
Chapter 11 Animal Control Duties, General Regulations, Prohibited Actions, Possession and Sales, Licensing, Special Provisions, Impounding, Definitions
Chapter 12 Bail Commissioners Powers and Duties, Oath
Chapter 13 Bicycles Licenses, Operating Without a License, Unlicensed bicycles
Chapter 14 Cemetery Duties, Sale of Lots, Markers, Flowers, Decorations in the Cemetery
Chapter 15 Claims and Warrants Claims Against the City, Certification of Bonds and Warrants, Limit of Warrants
Chapter 15a Economic Development Committee members, Powers and Duties
Chapter 16 Electrical Code Code, Permits, Rights and Powers, Fees, Penalties
Chapter 17 Fire Department Duties and Powers, Fire Hydrants, Use of Water
Chapter 18 Fire Control Sale or Use of Fireworks, Permits, Storage of Gasoline, Liquefied Petroleum Cases, Prohibition of Burning
Chapter 19 Franchises & Privileges application Copies, Manner of Assignments, Conditions
Chapter 20 Health Regulations Food Service Establishments, Waste Materials, Manure, Depositing Waste Materials in Gutters, Garbage, Licensing, Penalties
Chapter 21
Irrigation and Watermaster Application for Water, Payment, Duties, Liabilities
Chapter 22 Library Management, Terms, Reports, Duties, Penalties
Chapter 23 Business Regs & Licenses Definitions, Regulations, Procedure for License, License Fees, Regulation of Specific Businesses, Duties of Licenses, Enforcement, Penalties
Chapter 23a Sexually Oriented Businesses Purpose, Findings, Definitions, Issuance of License, Location
Chapter 23b Door to Door Solicitation Purpose, Definitions, License, Registry, Certificates, Duties, Buyer's Right to Cancel
Chapter 24 Mobile Home/Trailer Court & Rec Vehicles Area and Location Requirements, Sanitation, Penalties
Chapter 25 Nuisances Definition, Reporting of Nuisance, Hearings, Penalties
Chapter 26 Table of Contents - Planning & Zoning
Chapter 26 - Article 1 Introductory Provisions
Chapter 26 - Article 2 General Zoning Provisions
Chapter 26 - Article 3 Zones
Chapter 26 - Article 4 Supplementary Regulations
Chapter 26 - Article 5 Required Parking
Chapter 26 - Article 6 Landscaping
Chapter 26 - Article 7 Mobile Homes & Recreational Vehicles
Chapter 26 - Article 8 Planning Commission
Chapter 26 - Article 9 Board of Adjustments
Chapter 26 - Article 10 Planned Unit Development
Chapter 26 - Article 11 Conditional Uses
Chapter 26 - Article 12 Amendments
Chapter 26 - Article 13 Miscellaneous Provisions & Enforcement
Chapter 26 - Article 14 Airport Overlay Zoning
Chapter 26 - Article 15 Congregate Living Facilities
Chapter 26 - Article 16 Sign Ordinance
Chapter 27 Public Offenses Various Unlawful Activities, Penalties
Chapter 27a Public Parks and Grounds
Chapter 28 Neighborhood Redevelopment Advisory Committee, Powers and Duties, Project Area
Chapter 29 Refuse Ordinance Refuse Generators, Prohibited Substances, Collection
Chapter 30 Sewer Department Connection, Procedures, Changes, Ownership of Lines
Chapter 30a Wastewater Treatment POTW Use Requirements, Pretreatment, User Fees
Chapter 31 Streets and Supervisor Street Names, Numbers, Excavation, Restoration
Chapter 32 Subdivisions Procedure for Approval, Required Improvements, Fees
Chapter 33 Special Taxes Power of Council, Costs and Expenses, Exemptions
Chapter 34 Taxicabs Application for Certificate, Issuance, City Vehicle Policy
Chapter 35 Traffic and Travel on Streets Traffic Code, Speeding, Impounding, Parking
Chapter 35a Residential Permit Parking Designation Criteria and Process, Implementation
Chapter 35b Off-Highway Vehicles Designated Roads, Provisions, Prohibited Operations, Exceptions, Snow Removal, Insurance, Enforcements, Penalties
Chapter 36 Uniform Codes Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire, Energy
Chapter 37 Waterworks Application, Service Pipes, Water Supply Protection, Livestock Watering, Drinking Water Source Protection
Chapter 38 Drainage Definitions, Improvement Design and Installation Standards, Maintenance
Chapter 39 City Funding Request
Definitions, Advisory Boards, Use of Funds, Allocation, Applications
Chapter 40 Transient Room Tax Enactment, Definitions, Use of Revenue and Budgeting