Private Swim Lessons

The Cedar City Aquatic Center offers private lessons to help enhance you or your child's swimming ability in a one-on-one setting. These lessons are great for individuals who may need work on just one aspect of their swimming skills or for those who find the regular swimming classes don't meet their needs. Whatever the reason, private lessons can be a great tool to assist you or your child in becoming a proficient swimmer. Fill out the form below to get started.

General Private Lessons Guidelines
  • Private lessons are 30-minutes.
  • The cost is $14 per student.
  • Lessons will be set up between the Instructor and the Parent/Participant.
  • Submitting the form does not constitute setting up a private lesson. If an instructor is available during the times you have requested, you will be contacted. Lesson availability is not guaranteed.
  • Semi-private lessons are allowed, but the rate is the same for each student.
  • Lessons may be rescheduled, but lessons for which you fail to show, or cancel with at least 1 hour notice will not be made up.
  • Payment is required before each lesson.