About Us


To foster a philosophy which values employee contributions, promotes teamwork and participation, and assures a positive atmosphere directed toward a service-oriented delivery system with a vision for the future.

We are dedicated to customer service, both internally and externally. We will respond to requests efficiently and take pride in providing the highest quality service with an attitude of professionalism. We will always consider the benefit of our services to those whom we serve.

We shall provide complete Emergency, Fire, and Rescue Service for the community. We will be innovative in learning and embracing new technologies and services. Our training will continually be improved and reflect the ever-changing technological advances. We will share our successes and listen and learn from others.

Fire Prevention is not a concept, it is a reality. We believe in public education, code enforcement, comprehensive fire investigations, fire inspections, plans review, and providing non-emergency support services designed to provide a safe community.


Our employees and their contributions are our most valuable resource. We seek their involvement and will strive to create a positive climate conducive to their improvement.