Operations Division

Lt. Jimmy Roden administers the operations division. He has four sergeants under his supervision who command the investigations division, public affairs office, administration, and the Iron/Garfield/Beaver Drug Task Force. The operations lieutenant oversees the administrative sergeant, who is responsible for the training and professional standards of the officers. Each officer is mandated to have a minimum of 40 hours training annually to maintain their certification. As the person responsible for the professional standards of the department, he oversees all pre employment background investigations ensuring that persons joining the Department meet State and Federal standards as well as our own employment qualifications.

One of the most important tasks assigned to the operations lieutenant is to ensure that the highest level of professionalism and professional standards are carried out by members of the Cedar City Police Department. That endeavor is accomplished through continuous audits of personnel performances through internal processes and investigations into citizen complaints (internal affairs investigations) with employees of the department.