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Airport Improvement Project (AIP) - 44

Airport Improvement Project (AIP) - 45

2021 Airport Projects

Airport Improvement Project (AIP) - 36

Cedar City Regional Airport is reconstructed Taxiway C-1 and a section of Taxiway C in the Spring of 2021. The project included pavement maintenance on the airport helipad and paid for the new airport beacon installed in 2019. 

Airport Improvement Project (AIP) - 38

In the Winter of 2021, the Cedar City Regional Airport added an additional MB Airport Sweeper to aid in airport snow removal operations. With the addition of another airport sweeper truck, snow removal operations are be more effective and efficient, significantly improving safety in the airfield's winter operations.

2020 Airport Improvement Project (AIP) - 35

Cedar City Regional Airport finished a major reconstruction on the main runway and crosswind runway at the airport. This major project was funded through Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Utah State Aeronautical Grants to correct infrastructure issues at our airport. 

Airport Improvement Projects (AIP) are scheduled in the airport's Capital Improvement Plan and are associated with the Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Program. It is anticipated the airport receives 95% grants from the Federal Aviation Administration to pay for theses projects. Federal Aviation Administration Grants are repaid through Airport Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs) charged in airline ticket sales.