Cedar City Historic District

In 2004, the Cedar City blocks —from Shakespeare Lane to 200 South and from 100 West to 300 West—were placed officially on the National Register of Historic Places.   The Cedar City Historic District is an important historic resource and represents the settlement and the development of this beautiful town. The historic buildings within this district represent a wide range of architectural styles starting in the 1880s and continuing to the mid-1960s.  It contains 172 homes, many of which are historically relevant and play an important part in the community's character and the telling of Cedar City's unique story.

A Brief History of the Area

Cedar City,  established in 1851, was originally an ironworks settlement located in the Little Muddy (later Coal Creek) area. In the latter part of 1852, a more formal town-site was laid out on the south side of Coal Creek, about a one-half mile southwest of the original settlement.  This surveyed town site was called Cedar Fort and was approximately one-half mile square.  The site included blocks and lots formed around a 22-plus acre site denoted as the Public Square/Temple Block.  By the end of 1853, there were 1000 settlers in the two-year-old community. In 1855, mainly due to flooding, the settlement relocated again to a new area which is now considered the core layout for present-day Cedar City. By 1858, most of the area's mining operations had all but ceased and by 1860, the population of Cedar City dropped to only 301 residents, with two-thirds of Cedar City's residents leaving for other settlements. The remaining families prospered from sheep ranching. The Union Pacific Railroad connected to the town in the early 1900s and provided a tourism boom for the city. The Cedar City Historic district represents some of the oldest houses for Cedar City residents, most of which were farmers or ranchers. Later homes in the district represent early 20th century revivals. 

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