Youth Sports

Youth Sports Philosophy

To allow youth an opportunity to have fun while participating in and learning the fundamental skills of each sport, all while stressing the importance of sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, leadership, commitment and self-discipline through healthy and fair competition.  We aim to enhance a healthy self-esteem and develop minds and bodies through the experience physical activity.

Youth Team Assignments

Cedar City Recreation makes an effort to create equitable teams.  Considerations of balanced ages and skill levels are taken in to account when making team assignments.  A computerized random team assignment is done with these criteria in mind.  Other criteria for team selections, depending on age group and sport are as follows:

  • Requests for specific teams, coaches, or friends are not considered.

  • Each team will be allowed a Head Coach. Additional coaches may be recruited from within after team selection.

  • Coach's children will be placed on the team the parent is coaching.

  • Siblings will be placed on the same team within the same age group.

  • We try to create teams with kids from the same school within some age levels if the balance of equitable teams is not compromised.