Historic Downtown Economic Committee

Purpose Statement

Generally held on the first Thursday of each month, the purpose of the Historic Downtown Economic Committee is to provide input and advice to the Cedar City Council on the following:

1. Propose innovative and efficient ways to effectively invest in the Historic Downtown district.

2. Propose economically viable policies that are conducive to the economic health and preservation of Historic Downtown.

The Historic Downtown area currently includes the entire block of Main Street from 200 South to the Iron County Tourism Building and 100 East to 300 West.

Committee Members

  • Jennifer Hendricks, Chair
  • Chris McCormick
  • Mark Baruffi
  • Brent Drew
  • Jeff Corry
  • R. Scott Phillips
  • Mindy Benson
  • Maria Twitchell
  • Evan Vickers
  • Donn Jersey
  • Danny Stewart

Advisory Staff

  • Megan Anderson, Secretary

Utah Main Street Program 2022 - 2023

What is the Utah Main Street Program about?
  • The Utah Main Street Program helps communities revitalize their economy, appearance, and image of downtown commercial districts. They do this by building a strategy centered around a community’s unique heritage and attributes that make it a great place to live and visit. The program provides a framework and resources to support a community’s downtown revitalization efforts.
  • The Utah Main Street Program is about:
    • Revitalization — giving new life to particular areas of a community
    • A traditional center for community life
    • Home to local business
    • Encouraging small business growth and entrepreneurship
    • Encouraging positive community development by in-fill and adaptable uses
    • Preservation of culture and history
    • Placemaking
What is the Historic Downtown Façade and Tenant Improvement Program?
  • Provided by the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity via the Utah Main Street Program, Cedar City's Historic Downtown Economic Development Committee, has created the Cedar City Historic Downtown Facade and Tenant Improvement Grant Program which offers tenants the opportunity to rehabilitate and revitalize their facade. For this grant, businesses must be located in designated "historic period buildings" of roughly 50 years or older and within the Main Street project area. The goal is to promote commerce in local "Main Street" business districts through rehabilitating historic buildings.

About the Facade Grant:
The Historic Downtown Economic Committee was awarded a Downtown Enhancement Grant from the Utah Main Street Program in the amount of $30,000. A portion of this money will go towards a Façade and Tenant Improvement Grant. Building/business owners will be approved through an application process. Those selected will work closely with City officials to update and/or renovate historic building façades through a 50/50 funding match by the owner, up to $7,500. 

Applicants will be reimbursed, or receive a “refund,” for all eligible cash expenditures up to $7,500, after the façade work is complete and paid for by the recipient. 

A meeting will be held on Thursday, April 14, 2022 at Cedar City Hall (10 N. Main St.) in the Council Chambers at 8:00 a.m. for businesses to learn more about this grant opportunity and meet staff from the National Main Street Program. 

Cedar City recognizes the importance of preserving our Historic Downtown and is dedicated to assisting local businesses.

For more information on the grant opportunity, how it can help your business and how to apply:

Email: EconDev@CedarCity.org
Phone: (435) 586-2770

Last updated 04/13/2022