Mission, Values, & Goals

Mission Statement
As a dedicated and professional team, we are committed to excellence in enforcing the law, building positive relationships with our community, and protecting our residents and the diversity and traditions of our city.

Vision Statement
The Cedar City Police Department is committed to deliver public safety and law enforcement services in a professional and compassionate manner. To accomplish our goals, it is important that we work collectively with our criminal justice partners and community stakeholders.

We will continually look to the future as we create and discover innovative methods and strategies to protect our fellow citizens. It is important that we work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality of life exists in Cedar City for our residents and visitors.

Our core responsibility is to labor each day as we strive to create and sustain a community where all residents feel safe in their homes, businesses, schools, and neighborhoods.

Values Statement

We will accomplish these goals by hiring and promoting talented officers and professional staff, employing the highest standards of performance, best practices in policing, and accountability.

Using current and developing technologies, we will continually engage in research and innovation. Existing and future technology will enhance our skilled staff in the investigation of crime and the analysis of criminal activity trends. We will continually strive to efficiently and effectively manage our resources as we provide the highest level of service to our fellow citizens.

We will strategically focus on decreasing criminal and civil disorder, prevent crime from occurring, engage in targeted criminal and traffic enforcement, ensure offender accountability, develop positive relationships with our community partners and community stakeholders; and develop and support our staff to provide the best possible service to our community.

Everything we do, collectively or individually will be done in accordance with our core values.

CORE Values
Trust – To further build and sustain this precious trust with our community

Ethical – in the execution of our duties and our interaction with all citizens

Proactive – in our daily approach to provide the highest quality of service

Equitable – in our dealings with citizens and each other

Integrity – above all as we labor passionately in our chosen profession

Compassion – in our enforcement of laws and our dealings with all citizens

Dedication – to the citizens we serve and to one another