Cedar City was settled on November 11, 1851 by 36 men sent by leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They were to build a fort along Coal Creek and move their families here. They were mostly comprised of English, Irish, Scotch, and Welsh miners and iron manufacturers. They were to "...get iron manufactured from the materials so profusely scattered over the surface of the earth in this locality for the use of the Territory and the building of the Kingdom of God."

Through the wise planning and strong commitment of our forefathers, Cedar City has grown to become a culturally diverse, family oriented community with a population of approximately 30,000. We place a high premium on our quality of life as a major Utah community nestled in a valley of the Rocky Mountains surrounded by scenic grandeur. 

The below link will take you to some interesting and insightful excerpts about the history and growth of the Police Department from records of past Cedar City Council meetings as found in the book Mayors of Cedar City and Histories of Cedar City by Evelyn K. and York F. Jones. There is also a link that will provide you with the names of the prior Police Chiefs from the days of just having a City Marshal till present time.

Today, the Cedar City Police Department responds to over 25,000 calls for service, not including traffic stops. This averages to about 68 responses a day. We average 2,000 arrests for all crimes a year and conduct around 8,000 traffic stops a year. Our animal control unit impounds an average of 1,000 (dogs and cats) over the last 5 years. Our annual budget is approximately $4,153,193. For more details, refer to the Year End Crime Trend Report on the link below or on our Police Information Tab.

Year End Crime Trend Report 2015