Brandon "Buzz" Petty One Pitch Co-Ed Softball Tournament

2017 Brandon Petty Flyer

                                      2017 One Pitch Coed Softball Tournament


(All USSSA Softball Rules Apply unless otherwise noted below)

30 Min. Games.

Coin flip to determine home team.

Must be ready to play 10 min before your game time – If not – Team will forfeit.

You will be pitched to by your own team – Pitcher must be a batting player.

Can pitch from anywhere behind the 25 feet white fair line.

You have 25 seconds before ump says pitch (after 3rd out).

ONE PITCH ONLY, two if first pitch results in a foul ball, batter is out on 2nd foul ball.

When going from Offense to Defense – you have 25 seconds – Before ump says pitch.

Can bat up to 12 players – teams must bat same amount of players.

No bunts allowed

No lead offs – Must stay on base until ball is hit.

1 courtesy runner per inning for each sex( 1 male , 1 female,) the last out of same sex must run.

 If batted ball hits any part of pitcher, batter is out (Umps discretion).

Defense team can play 10th players. The 10th player can play  behind 2nd base or anywhere on the field,  once established in a position either outfield or infield, that established spot must remain the same until the next defensive inning.

Defense team must have a catcher.

Ball is live until Umpire  calls time out.

Last defensive player holding ball, should call time out before giving ball back to pitcher.

Pitcher is not part of defensive team – ball is dead if pitcher touches ball.

If game is tied after 30 min or 7 innings, tie/breaker rule will apply. Last out to 2nd base

One up rule on home runs – out if not your turn to hit home run.

Must be 16 years old to play & can roster for one team only.

NO Violence (players or spectators)

NO Profanity (players or spectators)

NO Arguing with ump or other teams